Our Story

We created RISE after experiencing the frustrations of charging our phones on-the-go. With hundreds of powerbanks in the market, yet none that truly solved the problem, we decided to create our own solution.

Together with a solar technology expert, we set out to design a solar charger. After selling out our first batch, we listened to our customer feedback & quickly optimised the product.

Today, we're very pleased to have helped the charging needs of over 100,000 customers with our flagship Infinity Solar Charger.

Our Purpose

RISE exists to inspire people to travel the world & our products aim to make it easier, safer & more fun!

We believe that life is a journey where we & our experiences get better, and so we ask you, our tribe of RISE Travelers, to enjoy the journey!

Our Collections

We have 3 collections of products that make traveling easier, safer & more enjoyable.

Travel Entertainment    Travel Essentials    Travel Protection

Go Shop from our Collections & most importantly, enjoy the journey!