Where To Travel To In 2020 – The Top Five List

It’s that time once again, when we look to the future and predict trends for the year ahead. This includes the best places to travel in 2020.

Inspired by green travel, sporting fixtures and cultural events, there’s something for everyone in the year ahead. So, take a seat and get your packing checklist ready, you’ll want to take note…

The World’s Eyes On Tokyo


2020 is going to be a big year for Tokyo, as host to the summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Expect to be wowed by the spectacle and kitsch appeal this vibrant city is known for. Welcoming to tourists, there’s plenty of new hotels to check out too.

This includes the recently opened Hyatt Centric in tourist-favourite Ginza, and the capsule style ‘Zen Hotel’. For those into travel gadgets this is a city that celebrates the digital era like no other. Be sure to head to the bustling district of Akihabara for futuristic finds and electronic must-haves.

When visiting the city, be sure to take a day trip to nearby Kyoto. Famed for its tranquility, shrines and as host to the Rugby World Cup, it’s certainly growing in popularity.

Bask In The Beauty Of Bhutan


Voted by Lonely Planet as the number one country to visit in 2020, now is the time to explore the Kingdom of Bhutan. This Himalayan retreat is an Instagrammers dream, with fairy-tale houses hanging off hilltops and dramatic mountains tickling the clouds.

Many come to visit its unspoilt beauty, others for its reflective Buddhist monasteries. A land easy to discover by foot, be sure to wear your fitness tracker and count the many steps you take.

As if that wasn’t enough, Bhutan is the only ‘carbon-negative’ country in the world – it’s easy to see why it has been chosen as one of the best places to travel in 2020.

Go Green In The Maldives


Green is very much the colour of 2020, in all respects. Pantone recently named ‘Biscay Green’ as one of the official colours of the year, and of course ‘green travel’ is on the rise.

In fact, everything from your travel gear to your hotel choice will have an environmental overhaul in 2020, as sustainable travel becomes more prominent.

The Maldives is one destination that is leading the way in eco-friendly travel. The Soneva Ushi resort is pioneering the trend, catering to “environmentally responsible ultra-luxury holidays”. This is achieved by recycling 90 per cent of waste and all food waste, using sustainable products and a solar-based system for electricity.

If sustainable travel is on your agenda, add the Maldives to your bucket list.

Soak Up The Culture Of Galway


When it comes to travel essentials, no destination is more fashionable than Galway right now. Given the thumbs up by Lonely Planet and Conde Nast Traveller, this Irish get-away has also been voted the European Capital of Culture in 2020.

As well as one of Europe’s growing digital hubs, it’s also home to famous Irish hospitality, making it ideal for work or pleasure.  Enjoy the ‘craic’ in one of its many welcoming pubs, take in the beauty of its pastel-coloured houses, get camera-ready for the world-famous Galway Bay and see why it’s one of the top 10 places to visit in the world in 2020.

The Maine City


Once you’ve seen LA, fallen in love with New York and partied hard in Miami, it’s time to discover a new, perhaps more understated American city. All hail Portland in Maine (not to be confused with its Oregon namesake).

Recently announced as one of the best places to travel in 2020 by Conde Nast Traveller, get in quick before everyone else discovers its charm!

A haven for foodies, this is the go-to city for fresh seafood, oysters and sushi, with its advantageous coastal location. But you’ll also find a diverse choice of everything from street food, food trucks and Mexican-Korean fusion bites.

Add some walking shoes to your packing checklist, since the great outdoors awaits your discovery. This includes the not-to-be-missed Portland Head Lighthouse and Fort Williams Park.

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