Ultimate Packing Hacks

When it comes to travelling well, what (and how) you pack is one of the most important factors. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, for a week or a weekend, there’s some handy hacks to make life on-the-go that bit easier.

If you’re wondering how to pack a suitcase for a week or longer, here’s 12 handy hacks to ensure you’re ready for take-off! From optimising suitcase space, to bringing only what you need, make this your packing-checklist go-to from now on.


Hack #1 – Get Rolling

If you’re a frequent flier you might already know this popular travel tip. Roll – don’t fold your clothes. When it comes to making the most of your space, and ensuring clothes stay crease-free, rolling is the way forward. Take it one step further and place rolled clothes in compressible plastic bags, to suck out air and optimise space.

Hack #2 – Hotel Well

Travel irons, travel cots, support pillows, shampoo and conditioners. These are just a few items that you can easily forgo when you stay in a good hotel. Research your accommodation in advance, or email them direct, to see what amenities are available. Family-friendly hotels will particularly have plenty of items to borrow, so you can leave some of your travel essentials at home.

hotel room


Hack #3 – Get Smart Luggage

When it comes to packing hacks for air travel, well-designed luggage will take you far, quite literally! Opt for light bags that optimise interior space.


Hack #4 – Start at the Bottom

One of the best packing hacks for air travel, is to place your heavy items at the bottom of your bag. Not only will this help weigh your luggage down, but it means that delicate items won’t get crushed either.


Hack #5 – Utilise Small Spaces

Make the most of every nook and cranny in your bag, by stuffing socks in shoes and jewelry in glasses cases. This offers an extra layer of protection, whilst making the most of limited space.


Hack #6 - Stock Up on Samples

Stock up on miniatures and samples in advance. Found in; magazines, hotels, and amenity packs, travel size items are a must-have in your packing checklist. Think of the room you’ll save on perfumes, creams and dental products.

toiletry samples


Hack #7 – Pack in the Middle

Travel gadgets and fragile items need extra TLC. Pack these in the middle of your luggage for added protection. This is the most padded area of a suitcase. Sandwich delicate items between layers of clothes for maximum support.



Hack #8 – Essentials in Hand Luggage

If you need to hit the ground running when you land, include all your travel essentials in your hand luggage. This includes; keys, cash, maps, contact details and so forth. The last thing you want to do at an airport is rummage through a well-packed case.


Hack #9 – Use the Laundry Service

Cut back on the number of shirts, tops and underwear you pack, and make the most of your hotel laundry service. As long as you have enough cover for a few days, the hotel can wash and iron your wardrobe, so you can pack less.


Hack #10 - Wear Bulky Items

Bulky sweaters and winter jackets might be travel essentials, but they take up valuable room. Instead, wear these to the airport, so that you can use precious space for other items.

women with coat


Hack #11 - Layer with Laundry Sheets

No-one enjoys that ‘out of the attic’ smell, yet it’s a common clothes complaint when travelling. Here’s a secret travel tip you’ll be grateful of: keep clothes smelling box fresh with tumble dryer sheets.

That’s right, these light sheets of loveliness keep clothes smelling fragrant and fresh. Simply fold between layers and let them get to work!


Hack #12 - Mix and Match

Choose outfits that have multi appeal and complement the rest of your packed wardrobe. This includes a selection of plain items and colourful or patterned items that work well together. Be sure to include a white shirt – this is one of the most versatile travel essentials, that goes with any outfit. Opt for crepe material which won’t crease either.


Hack #13 - Belt Up!

Belts can be awkward to pack. Not anymore; simply place inside your shirt collar to keep them stiff, while making the most of space. It’s one of our top travel tips for business travellers.

 holiday clothes with belt

Hack #14 – Separate Laundry

And finally, returning home from a trip might be the hardest part. Make your life easier by separating clothes into whites and colours, and keep them divided in your luggage. Unpack and wash as soon as you get home, while you catch up on sleep. Now, that’s how to travel well!


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