Top European Destinations For Selfies

With over 930 images posted to Instagram every second, you’re going to need to work hard for yours to stand out. Taking the right selfie is a careful mix of many things; flattering lighting, a good camera, the right angle and most important of all – the perfect backdrop.

Therefore, it’s only right to seek the best cities to photograph in Europe for your Instagram feed. But where’s the best destination to induce FOMO in your friends?

Ideal for a city break, Europe provides endless backdrops for every type of occasion. From historic buildings to well-worn paths and jaw-dropping landscapes. Here’s some of the best cities to photograph in Europe, with selfies in mind.

1. Musée du Louvre - Paris, France


When Instagram released it’ top ten list of most photographed tourist attractions, the Musée du Louvre was right up there. The largest art museum in the world is also home to one of the most famous paintings known to man: The Mona Lisa.

If you can tolerate the crowds, you too can have an obscured selfie with one of the most photographed portraits in the world! Surely that alone is worth a city break to Paris?

2. Oia - Santorini, Greece


Step inside picture-postcard perfect views of Santorini. This Greek island is impossibly beautiful, making it one of the best photo spots in Europe. This stunning coastal town provides sweeping views of white-washed buildings against azure blue waters. What could be more fitting than your big face in the frame!

3. Giant’s Causeway – County Antrim, Northern Ireland

giants causeway

When it comes to breath-taking backdrops, Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland delivers all the feels. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the result of a volcanic eruption, creating a series of stepping stones.

Ideal for a weekend break, this bucket-list pleaser will leave your friends emerald green with envy, just don’t slip on the stones while in portrait mode…

4. Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

eiffel tower

It’s no surprise that this landmark construction features in the top ten of Instagram’s most photographed spots, with 5.8 million posts to date.

Anyone who’s into European travel photography should come. Heck, you should come anyway, to experience the magic and romance that the French capital is famous for. You’ll be in good company too, everyone from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian has had a selfie here too.

5. The Colosseum – Rome, Italy


As far as historic European sites go, Rome has an impressive list of ruins and UNESCO protected architecture. The Colosseum is one of its most famous. Once as an amphitheatre, today it’s more like selfie central.

Built in 70AD, it’s hard not to marvel at its sheer engineering feat, standing proudly over the city. Of all the European destinations not to be missed, Rome lends itself to iconic historic sites like no other.

6. Abbey Road Crossing – London, UK

abbey road

London has famous landmarks on every corner. From London Bridge to the Houses of Parliament. Yet, one place retains its top status for selfies since it was graced by the fab four in 1969.

Just minutes from the famous recording studios, the zebra crossing at Abbey Road was immortalised by The Beatles in their album going by the same name. Recreating the spot has become a favourite tourist pastime, to the point that a live webcam is now available. As far as music fans go, this is one selfie not to miss.

7. The Parthenon – Athens, Greece

The Parthenon

The perfect excuse for a weekend away, Athens is a sprawling metropolis with plenty of tourist attractions and after-hours entertainment. It’s also home to one of the most instagrammable places in Europe; The Parthenon.

Even though this former temple dates back to 447 BC, it still stands as a beacon in the city skyline, lit up for all to see. Positioned high on the hilltop means that no matter where you stand you’ll capture a great picture, even with your mug in shot!

But more than just a backdrop for a sneaky selfie, Athens is a culturally rich and fascinating destination that should visited at least once.

As a final pro-tip: don’t forget to fully charge your smartphone for all those selfies you’ll be taking, and invest in a portable charger for life on-the-go.

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