How To Pick The Best Ear Buds For Your Journeys

how to pick the best ear buds

A great set of Ear Buds can transform a short journey or a long-haul flight, into a fun & exciting ride to be remembered.

Over the years, i’ve personally bought & used dozens of different Ear Buds. From my own experience & market research, we’ve found there are a few crucial ingredients that make a great set of Ear Buds:

1. Great Sound Quality
Who wants to listen to their favourite playlist without any bass, or to turn up the volume for the sound quality only to get worse?

2. Comfortable Fit
A long journey is uncomfortable enough as it is. Whether you’re listening to music, a podcast or watching a movie, in ear comfort is simply a must.

3. Stable Pairing & Bluetooth Connection
When you’re on-the-move, walking somewhere, or even going for a jog, a good stable connection is crucial.

Do you have any pet peeves about your Ear Buds? Or is there something that’s really important for you when you’re picking out a pair of Ear Buds? Let us know in the comments box, we'd love to know what you think.

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