How To Make The Most Of Your Weekend Away

The art of travelling well is often overlooked in the excitement of booking a weekend away. Whether you’re nipping over to Paris for a romantic weekend break, planning a city break to Rome, or keeping it local with a UK get-away, there’s a few ways to make the most of every minute of your trip.

When time is of the essence, and you have 72 hours or less to cram in all the sights, here’s what you need to know:

 1. Travel at Unsociable Times

Off peak flights

We get it, the last thing you want to do at 5am on your day off is to get up early. But to squeeze every nano-second out of your trip, opt for the first flight or train of the day, and the last one back for your return. Use the ‘red eye’ to catch up on sleep, so you can arrive at your destination early and ready to go. Your future-self will thank you for it.

2. Hand Luggage Only

Hand luggage

As any travel aficionado knows, the key to a smooth weekend away is to travel light. This means opting for hand luggage only when flying. Say goodbye to big hefty suitcases and sixteen pairs of shoes you’ll never wear.

This is all about streamlining.

First of all, you’ll save yourself money in lower flight costs. Secondly, it means that you can be on your way when you land in your destination – no more waiting around for luggage in dingy airports.

3. Keep Travel Organised


With last minute holidays, it can be hard to keep tabs on travel arrangements; from trains and planes to ferries and taxis. Thankfully, there’s an App for that.

For a small charge, apps such as TripIt consolidate all your documents in one place. Google Trip is another useful tool offering a similar service, however it goes one step further by presenting suggested itineraries and mapping out your day. Kinda neat, huh!?

4. Have an Itinerary

travel itinerary

It doesn’t have to be war and peace, however to make the most of your city break, it’s a good idea to have a list of places to go. Research the destination and pick out two or three things you’d like to see or do. Lonely Planet, Culture Trip and TripAdvisor are all useful resources for packing in the best sights. This way you can optimise your time down route.

5. Pack Versatile Clothes

packing for travel

When you’re enjoying a casual drink on the river, it’s easy for day to slip into night. Forgo the pain of having to return to your hotel for a change, with a well-planned wardrobe. Think about clothes that are casual enough for day and chic enough for evening wear and pack these. For women, there’s also foldable ballet pumps that fit neatly in a handbag, handy for a quick-change with tired feet. Pack miniature cosmetics in your bag, so you can refresh your look in a moment’s notice.

6. Be Smartphone Savvy

solar charger

With all those selfie’s you’ll be taking and maps to navigate, it’s easy for your smartphone battery to drain. Needless to say, your phone is your lifeblood and you won’t want to be without it. Of the many gadgets on the market, a smartphone solar charger is a great investment. Easy to travel with and taking up minimum room, it breathes life into your mobile in less than three hours. Best of all, you don’t have to find a charging point, allowing you to enjoy your weekend break without interruption.

7. Go Local

One of the reasons for taking a short break away is to soak up the culture and local way of life. Our final tip therefore is to be adventurous!

Do as the locals; eat where they eat, drink where they drink, and party where they hangout. You might just have a few days in your chosen destination, but one of the most enriching ways to experience it, is to soak up the culture.

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