Cure Your Wanderlust - 10 Amazing Virtual Tours You Can Take During Lockdown

Much of the world is on lockdown due to COVID-19, however, it doesn't mean you can't still unleash your inner-wanderlust. 

With technology at our fingertips and a bit of creativity, you can go out and explore new cultures & experiences with your family, from the comfort of your home. And without taking a long flight!

Never before has technology been so high on the list of travel essentials.

To help you on your way, here’s ten awe-inspiring attractions to visit virtually at any time of day:

1. A day out at the zoo (San Diego, USA)

san diego zoo

It’s time to do like Ron Burgundy and head to San Diego Zoo – made famous by the cult hit Anchorman. Except you don’t need to worry about 11 hours flying, when you have the world wide web at your fingertips.

The zoo has a live cam hooked up to all your favourite animals. From koala bears to polar bears and tigers to pandas – be sure to tune in and coo along, it’s cuteness overload at its best.

2. The greatest wall (China)

great wall of china

Tick the Great Wall of China off your bucket list, with a virtual online tour across 3,000 miles of China. It’s a travel essential that any bona-find explorist would be proud to add to their resume.

3. Head to outer space (Houston, USA)

In these times we find ourselves in, smartphones double up as excellent travel gadgets. Case in hand, download the Space Center Houston App to access a host of interactive features. This includes brilliant augmented reality experiences that transport you into the heart of the action, and a mobile audio tour not to be missed.

4. A piece of Le Louvre action (Paris, France)


No longer do you have to pack your travel gear and queue for hours to get inside the world’s largest art museum. The world-famous Louvre continues to keep the crowds enthralled from afar with free tours online. This includes mesmerising views of Egyptian antiques through to classic artworks from Rembrandt, Tintoretto and Delacroix but to name a few.

5. Jump inside a volcano (Benbow, South Pacific)

Children, they’re fascinated with volcanoes. For a family-friendly day out from your home, why not step inside an active volcano? Documented by Red Bull, join a team of professionals on an expedition to the foot of the bubbling lava, in this extreme climb taking you to the edge of your seat and back. Literally!

6. Classic culture (Rome)


The breathtaking structure that is The Colosseum has graced the ancient city of Rome since AD80. Google Arts brings this gloriously to life with a series of images from the past to modern day.

7. Have a religious experience (Vatican City)

Using new travel technology to its potential, The Vatican Museum has a rich virtual tour, where you can experience the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, and other delights at your leisure. Easy to use and viewable in high definition quality, it’s wholly impressive to stroll around – ideal from the comfort of your house, with a lemoncello to hand.

8. Explore remote islands (Tahiti)


If cabin fever is getting too much, then add some swimwear to your packing checklist and get ready for a whirlwind trip to Tahiti.

Step inside your screen and enjoy the natural beauty of French Polynesia. With stunning images and a virtual reality tour, you’ll be inspired by just how much you can conqueror in a day- and all without the jetlag!

9. Take the kids to Disneyland  (Orlando, USA)

disney land

We’ll let you in to a travel tip secret – you can actually visit Disneyland for free! Keep the kids entertained during lockdown and take your pick from a host of Disneyland attractions to visit at Disney parks online. From the animal kingdom, to the famous Epcot centre, you can easily lose a whole day to the theme park.

10. Go grand or go home (Arizona, USA)

And finally, take a journey to the Grand Canyon and marvel at this incredible feat of nature. With interactive features from Google maps, and HR videos and images, it’s the next best thing to being there.


So there you have it, ten awesome destinations to inspire the inner-wanderlust, even during lockdown. Enjoy!


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