5 Travel Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

As travelers, we hate hidden charges and extortionate fees as much as you do. Next time you’re at the airport or on the road, implement these tips to reduce needless expenses and Level Up your experiences once you reach your destination!

1. Browse Incognito for Flights

Ever monitored a flight only to notice a sudden jolt in price when you revisit ready to book in the evening?

Most of the time, this isn’t a coincidence! Airlines commonly use cookies to track your browsing, and will frequently increase prices on repeat visits to boost their revenue.

Using a private browser disables their ability to do this, and will often present you with the original fare.

2. Download Maps Offline

Nothing is more frustrating than being lost in a new destination you’re eager to explore.

While the solution to this back home is to whip out your smartphone and use the GPS, you may find yourself without the ability to do so abroad.

Luckily, Google Maps allows you to download maps of your destination before you arrive, making it simple to navigate around even when you don’t have data!

3. Bring a Reusable Bottle to the Airport

It leaves a bad taste in the mouth paying over $3 for a bottle of water at an airport. That’s why you should bring an empty bottle through customs.

Most airports have water fountains at several locations throughout them. Take advantage of these by bringing your own bottle.

4. Use a Carbon Fibre Wallet

Leave the leather behind and jet into the 21st century with a carbon fiber wallet.

It’s lightweight, minimalist and contains an advanced RFID-Blocking Shield to prevent scammers attempting to swipe your cards (a surprisingly frequent problem in busy airports).

If ever there was a way to Level Up your travel safety in style, the SHIELD wallet is it.

5. Use a Portable Solar Charger

The days of the traditional power bank are numbered. It’s time to upgrade to a more convenient, powerful solution: the Infinity Solar Charger.

This beauty charges in sunlight, folds in the pocket and is powerful enough for three full charges for most smartphones. It’s fair to say that once you switch, there’s no going back.


Did we miss anything off the list? Be sure to share your favourite travel hacks with us below and spread the word to the RISE Traveler community!

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